tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz
tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz
tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz
tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz
tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz
tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz
tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz
tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz

tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 17oz


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Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks ice cold for 12+ hours

High flow rate sports nozzle

Clear taste with 304 stainless steel and food-grade material

Top-rack dishwasher safe

Fits universal bottle cages/cup holders

Lightweight with a dry weight of 250g

*The spout on this item is not engineered for heated fluid. Severe burns, scalds, and other harm will result from utilizing this product with hot liquid.

Height: 9.6 in / 243.4 mm

Diameter: 2.9 in / 74 mm

30-day return

FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the US

Orders ship within one business day and typically arrive in 2-5 days, depending on location

Coolness in Every Sip

Lightweight double wall vacuum construction provides superior insulation, ensuring your drink stays cool for hours. Say goodbye to lukewarm water during hot summer rides and enjoy the refreshing coolness.

Natural Flow - No Squeezing!

Ingeniously designed air-vent nozzle to achieve an impressively high flow rate without the need to squeeze. Smooth hydration down to the last drop.


Food-grade stainless steel bottle, BPA-free polypropylene cap, and food-grade silicone nozzle and tube ensure that your water tastes crystal clear.

perfect fit

tiibo is designed to fit comfortably in your bottle cage and stay put yet easy to retrieve during a ride.

Based on 23 reviews

Keeps cold fluids very well. Enjoy the high flow rate. Smart looking.

A nice water bottle

The bottles I bought are a little too tall for bike to put in and out of the bottle holders, do you have shorter one mine’s are 22/23oz?

Hi Emerico,

Thank you for leaving a review. We appreciate your feedback and we are happy to hear that you like the bottle. We are excited to let you know that we will have a smaller size available this summer. Please stay tuned for updates on when it will be released.

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you again soon.

Customer Service Team at tiibo

Happy Customer 😊

I’ve been cycling for over 20years now and the hardest item to find was a GOOD water bottle!!! Everyone claims theirs will hold cold water!!
I’ve spent all kinds of coin trying several of them ….ALL have failed!
I live in Ft Myers Florida where the weather is usually HOT…so I need my cold water 💧.
Tiibo water bottle is AMAZING !! Holds my ice for hours and my water is super cold and refreshing. Thanks for that. This Tiibo water bottle holds my Ice as long or longer than my Yeti mug, and they are good.
To summarize …completely impressed and will absolutely recommend this product to everyone!
This picture with ice in it was the next day !!! Still had ice and the water was still freezing cold. Yeah baby 😊
Best Bike Bottle

Best Bottle ever!

I purchased this bottle because I don't care for plastic water bottles. I also really like cold water and this bottle keeps the water cold on hot days. The bottle fits the cage well. Highly recommend this bottle for your bike needs.

tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 23oz

Nice Water Bottle

The water bottle was purchased to replace an older one. I really like the water bottle. It kept my water cool on a two hour ride. Only concern that is scratches easy.

Great bottle

It’s a great bottle, especially the insulation keeps the drinks cool. If you could make the bottles a little bless heavy, that’s will be awesome.

Stayed cold

Went on a ride on a hot sunny day. Still had ice in the bottle at the end. Great.

Tilbo 23 OZ 650ML Double wall stainless steel cold liquids bottle.

I might give this a five but, can only give that if it holds up for years. The price is kind of high in my opinion. And can we make anything in the USA at all? Fits the standard bike bottle holders, ice lasts 12-16 hours if its not too hot, and it sits well in my cars two cup holders in the center console.

Best cycling bottle ever

I couldn’t believe that I had ice by end of my 3 h ride! I gave away all my old bottles

Usually I am not taking my time to do reviews but this bottle absolutely amazing!

The best bottle I've ever had!

After continually having warm drinks from my insulated plastic bottles on long rides, I knew a solution had to be out there. I remembered that stainless insulated bottles were mostly not made for cycling but I did a search anyway, just in case. Lo and behold, Tiibo to the rescue. I immediately placed an order and received them yesterday, just in time for a hot, humid, and hilly ride today. I prechilled the liquid overnight and filled with ice for about the top portion of the bottle above the notch. That was at 6:30 am. I drove to the ride, completed it, hopped back in the car, and drove home. The bottles still had ice in them at 12:30 pm - 6 hours later! Also, as advertised, the valves work very well at dispensing the liquid. As the website says, "Designed by cyclists for cyclists." These bottles are the bomb and I heartily recommend them to anyone. In fact, two of the people I rode with are going to buy them after seeing my results.

Couple of bike rides

Bottle worked great. I have metal water cages and it rattles on bumpy roads. I put tape on the cage and that helped. Might get some plastic cages.

Best bottle ever for cold water!

The biggest problem I’m having is trying to figure out how much frozen drink to put in the bottle because it works so well that it doesn’t thaw out as fast as other bottles do. A full bottle of frozen slushy drink doesn’t not provide liquid to drink until about 4 hours. At the end of 6 hours it still has about half frozen drink it the bottle. The only complaint is the finish seems to “scratch” a little from the cage but the cold drink is well worth a little “scratch”. I bought two of them and highly recommend the bottles.

Great insulated bottle but heavy and not compatible with my titanium bottle cages in two of my bikes. Scratches the bottle. I use it at the gym.

tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 23oz

Great Aluminum bottle!

It has great flow, and it keeps my water cool. It does have some trouble staying seated in the bottle cage, but overall I would recommend.

Tiibo Bottle works well

I like the size of the bottle, It keeps the drinks cold, not thermos cold, but it is still refreshing. I would recommend this bottle to anyone.

tiibo Vacuum Insulated Cycling Bottle 23oz

Nice bottle..fits perfectly in the cage.. love it..

Best cycling bottle ever

I received this bottle as a gift. What a great gift! I have taken it with me on several rides now, and I love it. It keeps your water fresh and cool and with a clear, great taste. I also like the flow system where you do not have to squeeze the bottle, it just naturally flows. It is easy to grab and put back and it does not feel heavy. It is so easy to clean, another feature I love about Tiibo bottle. Once you try this bottle, there is no way back. Thank you for bringing Tiibo to the cycling world. Highly recommended!

Ice water, finally!

I received my tiibo yesterday and today I took it and went for afternoon biking! It is comfortable to grip and kept my water ice for the WHOLE ride, and no squeezing needed! Amazing! Thank you so much!